Grand Master Felix Roiles was trained personally by his grandfather in Cebuano Fighting Style (PAKAMUT) in his birth place in mountain, barangay of Catmon, Cebu, Philippines at very young age. In his teen age life competed in Karate, boxing and kickboxing. He started his own group in 1983 called PAKAMUT in honor of the art that he learned from his humble Grandfather Andres Roiles. He affiliated  with Doce Pares in 1991 and won every single tournaments in local and national competition in full contact stick fighting hosted by National  Arnis Philippines  (NARAPHIL)  and World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation (WEKAF) then  joined the  Doce Pares elite team lead by Master Percival “ Val “  Pableo and  successfully dominated the 2nd World Eskrima Kali Arnis Championship. The team defeated the rivals in 21 countries. Master Felix Championship bout against U.S.A. team was considered as the best fight of the whole tournament, when both fighters displayed exceptional skills. The bout went six times draw after the regular 3 rounds bout. The officials of the World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation (WEKAF) amended the original rules into only a two extension then the judges will give his decision.

1994 the  Philippine team again dominated the whole tournament followed by United State and United Kingdom 3rd. then the depending champions gain more popularity and on June 1996 was given an opportunity by the Philippine Sports Commission in the  city government of Cebu to travel to United State to participate the 3rd World Eskrima Kali Arnis Championship in California.

 1996 after the successful tournament and demos Felix Roiles decided to stay in the United State to promote the stick fighting sports. From then Master Felix Roiles opened his own studio in Carson California, participated in local community program to promote the Filipino Martial Arts and Culture and given the city of Carson a plaque of recognition for the contribution to the city. Given an award as outstanding community leader in the field of sports by Fil-American Expo, August 16, 2003 in Del Mar San Diego California U.S. A. December 2005 organized the 1st Los Angeles Open Full

Contact tournament in Yosemite Recreation Park Gymnasium Eagle Rock California that was attended by Filipino Martial Arts practitioner all over United State. December 2006 2nd Annual Open Full Contact Championship held in the same venue was so successful and Mayor Antonio Villaragosa of Los Angeles California gave an award of appreciation from the city of Los Angeles. This yearly event that Master Felix promoted drawn a  big attention of the Filipino Martial Arts enthusiasts and other styles and discipline to embrace  the beauty of the Filipino Martial Arts then some organization asked to used the rules that GM Felix Roiles made base in reality and duplicated of what he witnessed when he was young.

 GM Felix was featured in different news articles, Instructional videos, Martial Arts History Museum, Inside Kung FU magazine May 2008 issue, International Martial Arts Magazine, FMA digest Special Edition an online magazine and more then conducted seminars/workshop for Military and Law Enforcement all around United State.